What are the special features of Lok Adalats?

  • You can get your dispute settled at the lowest possible cost and without delay. You need not pay the court fee.
  • You need not appoint an advocate instead you can personally appear before Lok Adalat.
  • The conciliators, one of whom is a judge, will guide you in order to settle the dispute amicably.
  • You can compromise only when you are satisfied with the relief suggested by the conciliators.
  • The same justice you get from the court in which your case is pending for adjudication you also get in Lok Adalat.
  • Generally the judgement rendered in Lok Adalat is final and is not appealable. It is binding on both the parties and has the same force as the judgement rendered by the Civil Court .
  • By filing Execution Petition in the Civil Court you can get the judgement of Lok Adalat executed.
  • If a case pending before the court is settled in Lok Adalat the court fees paid in that case is refunded partially or fully as per law.