What types of disputes are settled in the Lok Adalats?

  • Motor Vehicle accident cases where the injured or the dependents of the person died in the accident have applied for compensation.
  • Land Acquisition cases where the applications have been made to the government claiming compensation.
  • Cases for or against local bodies such as Town Municipality , Panchayat, Electricity Board and the like.
  • Cases involving commercial banks
  • Matrimonial or Maintenance cases
  • Criminal cases which are compoundable as per law
  • Cases pending in Labour Court
  • Cases before Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner
  • Cases pertaining to Consumers grievances

Generally it can be said that any cases pending in High Court or any other Court in the State and can be compromised as per law can be settled by Lok Adalat. Apart from this even disputes / cases which have not been brought on the records of the Court could be settled amicably by Lok Adalats.