1.Name of the Scheme: Micro Legal Literacy scheme

2.Days on which Micro Legal Literacy camp to be conducted:
Saturdays, Sundays or any Holidays or any local holidays. On week days before or after court hours.

3.Micro Legal Literacy Team:
The Micro Legal Literacy team shall consist of

  • 1.A Judicial Officer(optional)
  • 2.Two panel lawyers, preferably one from “A” panel and another from “B” panel
  • 3.One lawyer from the area where the micro legal literacy camp is being organized.
  • 4.Councilor or the ward member of the area
  • 5.Social workers/s
  • 6.Educationalist.

4.Target places:

  • Jails
  • Hospitals
  • Melas
  • Festival places
  • Religious places
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Labour colonies
  • Market places
  • Pilgrim places and tourist spot
  • Hutments and slums


  • If the audience are SHG (Women), school children(Girls) or College students (women college)

    Protection of Rights of Women and children, domestic violence Act, Dowry harassment, Property rights, marriage laws, Right to education, Right to employment, Motor Accident cases, Government beneficial schemes.

  • If the audience are school children)boys, college students (men’s college):
    Right to Education, ragging, Protection of Rights of Children against violence, Basic Laws and Constitutional empowerment, Fundamental Rights, Right to Information Act, Psycho social issues, Cyber crimes.
  • If the audience is Labourers:
    Labour Laws, various forums of dispute resolution, Rights of unorganized labourers, Minimum Wages Act, Workmen Compensation Act.
  • If the audience is remand prisoners or convicts :
    Bail provision, free legal services, Prohibition Act, Probation of Offenders Act, Prison Adalat, Execution of sureties, warrants, Non bailable warrants, right to competent counsel for trial, right to prefer an appeal, Violation of Human Rights, Prison Reforms, right and duties.
  • If the place of conduct of legal literacy is hospitals:
    Free Legal Services, HIV and trafficking, Registration of births and deaths, Accident cases, Traffic rules and grievances.
  • If the place of conduct of legal literacy is Melas, Festivals, religious places, pilgrim centers:
    General laws, Property right, Government beneficial schemes, Protection of Rights of Women and Children, Dowry Prohibition Act, marriage laws, Maintenance, Wards and Guardianship Act, Family dispute counseling, importance of institution of marriage and fundamental rights, fundamental duties and Right to Information Act.

Mode of conduct of Micro legal literacy camps:

  • The District Authorities /Taluk Legal Services Committees shall form Teams in the manner aforesaid and the team shall conduct legal literacy camps at micro level in the places mentioned above.
  • The team before proceeding to the lace shall equip themselves about the various provisions of law to be addressed to the public concerned.
  • The materials required for the above purpose shall be supplied by the District Legal Services Authority/ Taluk Legal Services Committee.
  • More than one team shall be constituted at a time and can be delegated to different places.
  • The District Authorities/Taluk Legal Services Committees shall prepare a calendar for the year 2007-08 and shall display in the notice Board of the respective committees and Authorities containing the place of Legal literacy camps, subjects to be taken, timings etc. so that the public could know about the same.
  • The distance where the micro legal literacy camp is to be conducted shall be within the radius of 15 to 20 Kms. In first phase and then to expand.
  • More focus shall be on the local issues.
  • The duration of the camps shall be 2 to 3 hours either in the morning or in the evening.
  • The micro legal literacy camp shall be conducted in a simple manner. Dais, garlanding, putting shawl, lunch or dinner, shall be strictly avoided.
  • Public Address System (mike arrangements) shall be made only if the target groups exceed 50 members.
  • The Micro Legal Literacy Camp shall be one of interactive and lengthy speech shall be avoided.


  • A minimum of 4 micro legal literacy camps shall be conducted in a month in the manner above mentioned.
  • A sum of Rs.2000/- may be permitted to be spend by each team for conducting one camp in the following manner.

Conveyance : Rs.1000/-(for a van for a distance of 15 to 20 Kms).
Printing of pamphlets : Rs.250/-
Miscellaneous expenses : Rs.750/-
(Fees to the team members, if permissible, shall be as per the schedule of fees)


Name and address of applicant with address
Nature of Relief
Entrusted to(Name of the lawyer)
Action Taken/Result.
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No. of Micro Legal Literacy Campus held(with month and date)
Places where Micro Legal Literacy Campus held
No.applicants received
Action Taken/Not taken.
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