P & C Lok Adalat

P & C Lok Adalat 2000

Orissa high court permanent and continuous lok adalat scheme-2003.
1) Short Title : The scheme may be called the “ORISSA HIGH COURT PERMANENT AND CONTINUOUS LOK ADALAT SCHEME-2003”.
2) Definition : In this Scheme unless the context otherwise require;

  • “Act” means the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 (No. 39 of 1987).
  • “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Orissa High Court Legal Services Committee
  • Committee”means Orissa High Court Legal Services Committee constituted under Section 8 A of the Act.
  • “Patron-in-Chief” means The Chief Justice of Orissa High Court
  • “State Authority” means Orissa State Legal Services Authority constituted under Section 6 of the Act.
  • “Chief Justice” means the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court.
  • “Lok Adalat” means Permanent & Continuous Lok Adalat under the Scheme.

Procedure for organizing Lok Adalat

  • 3) The Committee shall organize Lok Adalats as and when it thinks proper To begin with Lok Adalat sitting shall be held at least once in a month on a Saturday.
  • 4) The Secretary of the Committee shall issue notices to the parties of the case for their consent to get the case decided by the Lok Adalat.
  • 5) The Chief Justice or any other Judge may refer cases to the Lok Adalat along with the record of the case for settlement. The Secretary of the Committee shall also prepare the list of such cases in which parties have consented to get their cases disposed of through Lok Adalat.
  • 6) The number of sittings shall be worked out by the Lok Adalat depending upon the workload in consultation with the Committee.

Composition of Lok Adalat

  • 7) The Secretary of the Committee shall with the approval of the Chief Justice or any other Judge so authorized by him constitute Benches of the Lok Adalats.
  • 8) Every Lok Adalat organized by the Committee shall consist of serving or retired Judges of the High Court.
  • 9) The Patron-in-Chief with the consultation of the Executive Chairman of the State Authority may prepare a panel and nominate the retired Judges as members of the Lok Adalat.
  • 10) The Patron-in-Chief may nominate the sitting Judge of the High Court with the consultation of Chairman as and when he thinks it proper.

Maintenance of the Records

  • 11) The Secretary of the Committee shall be responsible for safe custody of the records of the Lok Adalat.
  • 12) The Secretary of the Committee shall maintain a Register of the Lok Adalat giving particulars of the –
    • Date of the receipts,
    • Category and subject wise nature of the case,
    • Details of the parties
    • Such other particulars, as maybe deemed necessary, and
    • Date of settlement and return of the case file
    • When the case is finally disposed of by the Lok Adalat, result of the case will be entered in the register.


Functioning of Lok Adalat

  • 13) The Secretary of the Committee may prepare a cause list for each bench of the Lok Adalat and the same shall be duly notified to all concerned.
  • 14) Every Award or order of the Lok Adalat shall be signed by the members constituting the Lok Adalat.
  • 15) The original award or order shall form part of the Judicial records and a copy of the award or other shall be given to each of the parties duly certified by the Secretary of the Committee.
  • 16) The parties of the dispute shall be required to sign or affix their thumb impression, as the case may be, on the award or order of the Lok Adalat.
  • 17) The members of the Bench of Lok Adalat shall be entitled to honorarium at the rate as may be fixed by the State Authority.
  • 18) The Secretary of the Committee shall submit monthly statements of the Lok Adalats to the State Authority.
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