Para-Legal Volunteers

One of the objectives of the ‘POLICY FOR ACCESS TO JUTICE FOR ALL’ formulated by the National Legal Services Authorities is development of “Para-Legal Services” for the purpose of imparting legal awareness to various target groups of Para Legal Volunteers who in turn bring legal awareness to all sections of people.

For effective functioning of the system, modalities are to be worked out in respect of organizing training programmes and also provide reference material for the faculty of the training programmes and Para-Legal. In order to achieve the desired results and to shape the trainees as full-fledged Para Legal Volunteers, the following instructions are to be followed.


1. At the First phase every District Legal Services Authority shall identify about 50 volunteers and every Taluk Legal Services Committee shall identify about 25 volunteers who can read and write vernacular language in such a way that the identified persons area of operation will cover the Jurisdiction of respective District Legal Services Authority or Taluk Legal Services Committee, for training at respective District Legal Services Authorities under the supervision of Chairman and Secretary, District Legal Services Authority.

The training programmes of Para Legal Volunteers and other activities enunciated herein shall be conducted, under the overall supervision of the District Judge and Chairmen, District Legal Services Authority, by Secretary of District Legal Services Authority and other Officers and staff.

The programmes under this scheme shall be formulated by the Secretaries of District Legal Services Authorities in consultations and approval of District Judge and Chairman concerned. Each such programme conducted by them as well as report about the work done by the Para Legal Volunteers shall be submitted to the State Legal Services Authority.


2) Para Legal Volunteers are to be identified from the following target groups.

  • Advocates, Teachers and lecturers of Government and Private School and Colleges of all levels.
  • Anganwadi Workers
  • Private or Government doctors and other Government employees.
  • Field level officers of different departments and agencies of the State and Union Governments.
  • Students of graduation and Post graduation in law, Education, Social Services and humanities.
  • Members of a political Service oriented Non-Governmental Organizations and Clubs.
  • Members of Women Neighborhood Groups, Maithri Sanghams
  • Educated prisoners serving long term sentences in Central Prison and District Prison.
  • Social Workers and volunteers, volunteers of Panchayat Raj and Municipal institutions.
  • Members of Co-operative Societies.
  • Members of Trade Unions.
  • Any other persons which the District Legal Services Authority or Taluk Legal Services Committee deems fit to be identified as Para Legal Volunteers.

Each identified Para-Legal Volunteer is to be given an identification card by the Secretary, District Legal Services Authority. Identification card shall be given in the proforma.

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